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Alone in dark!…

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What are basic needs of us…more speciafically homo sapiens?…money,status,priveledges.are they equally important to everyone??..well going with the trend the answer is going to be..”yes!!“..but what about  those little hearted creatures those who are still unaware of their aim,motive and objectives in their life??…,attention,care,time ….these are the basic necessity of childrens.

World was moving on..and globalisation increased at a constant rate…people started running with time and this time chasing money

.Sania(a fictious character..) being raised in a family among educated and modern people all deprived of basic necessities….she had a biger dreams and more than that she had big black eyes that appears more bigger and wider at time she cries..

Sania’s father and mother both moved out of the country at time she needed them the most..her grandmother was always there with her..they both had a good time together.

15 december 2008 …

Most of the time went preparing for exams ..sania was in 12 th now.Usually she prepare for her exams late at night that day too day started for her quite late ….she woke up late and rushed downstairs .house was quite silent that day...

venturing into the dining room she saw her maid kamlesh and some ladies from the neighbourhood crying…

(Kamlesh was in their family when sania was quite young to she was like a part of the family...)

“what happened..??…why are you crying??”…asked sania
tears almost covered blank face of kamlesh ..several thoughts rushed sania…””what it.. could be ??”…sania think to herself fingers started trembling as she grabbed kamlesh hand tightly asking again and again the same question ….

clocks stop ticking …and time flew in slow motion…and the next moment black eyes turned wet and they were sprakling due to the refracting lights..she cried like a child…..everyone stopped,to mourn for already stopped heart..”HEART ATTACK.”..kamlesh shouted.she pronounced with utter difficulty……but the fact was disclosed and grandmother was no longer there with them

She shouted ..she cried…and she hugged her dead body….dreams,thoughts,feelings …parents now grandma left her vulnerable to this cruel world

she didnot practiced tears every day …so she forgot how to cry!!…finally emotions too left her…and there she was alone in the dark and cold never ending night .


Letter to god.

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A friend in need is a friend indeed…?? why?there may be chances due to some distances or some other reason friend could not help..may be he had his own issues..

But today in our society..a person who is present with us in our critical period is a true person, a true friend…and everything..

Social networking sites are at BOON…why ??. becasuce it is connecting people??….sory i just used a nokia copyrighted line.”CONNECTING PEOPLE“..i dont think so..most of the time we are online when we are sad..when we are feeling alone..somtimes we are actually not chatting nor we are making any post we are just sitting in front of facebook and listening to some sad romantic song ..

Some time i feel my heart gonna break into pieces.

Is a person born to be social ??…why society is so important ?why we need friends?..these questions are troubling me.

why this mating and process of reproduction called love?….when was the last time i felt love ?…….in every love story ..why there is never a happy ending ???…

even tears leave us alone after some time ..only voice comes out and face stop leaking ..if we were to be left alone like this why are we social ?

why i call mom and pa …as parents ??or i should call them paid rents??…they are looking after me becausce thats what every parent had to do to look after the siblings until he/she becomes aware of surroundings.

god ..??i am not challenging his existense but i dont think there is any such  thing as god but still i pray ,before i am  leaving for my exams .

who made christian ,muslim,sikh and all these castes Sc St??we say that everyone is equal.even people saythat god  is what is this Shedule tribe or muslim or britisher??….

impossible is the word not found in dictionary ….then why peace found in dictionary too ??…people are destroying each other enviroment nature,everything  where is peace??if people are given an oppurtinity they are gonna copyright this word “peace“. too

One day this sun will stop giving us light and it would be so cold that our already cold feelings would ultimately freeze to death …

I Miss U God…hope to see you soon

your faithfully
human being

love and coffee connection..

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love…this four letter word whenever talked about in a group….light up faces with love always beautiful??….ahem ahem…..u know by yourself now that moon the most beautiful object a symbol of love is diseased by those spots on it…..

love is an intimate mutual understanding between two souls…
and our physical apperance has nothing to do with this..

Parents fighting with each other ,breakups,and more specifically cases of MMS and all this led me to the conclusion that..”there is no such thing as love “..and moreover i am an atheist.i hardly visit god ..we are like distant relatives.

Mr .X(name not mentioned )..and i are friends from a very long time now.We both share a good healthy conversation and sometime we talk nonsense .The disease of love infected Mr.X .

these days..youngsters are more and more interested in love than in their studies or career.Mr . X also fancies this idea of love and for him love is more speciafically a physical intimacy..a girl named megha actuated Mr fall in love with her .megha and Mr .X were actually Facebook friends
they both exchanged their numbers on net,

cam chat,cell chat messages..megha kept Mr.X really busy….

Mr.X was an excited kinda guy he shared his family issues,study related and most of the aspects of his life with megha.and megha was a BEEP!!! kinda girl….she was noting everything in her vicious and cunning mind.Once me and  some friends were standing close to Mr.X and we heard his conversation..he kept the cell on loudspeaker..

“muaah..jaanu… i will love u whole day whole night just like imran hasmi did in muder….”.!!..Oh jaan yea i am waiting for that day…replied future Mrs X..and like this they continued on and on with their shit talks ..

After about few months of knowing each other well ,Mr X in excitation asked megha to meet her as both were from it was not a big deal..megha agreed and they decided to meet at.NSP,pitumpura,delhi….at 12 pm the morning

pish pish shhhhhhhhhh..Mr X emptied bottles of perfumes and deodrant .He used so much of these frangnants that dogs living in the neighbourhood commited suicide 400 died in streets and 100 across the streets…he he..

Well groomed hairs ,,googles up the face and that tight fighting white t-shirt could grab the girl’s heart in the very first meeting,reached Nsp in time at 12 pm…

tik tik tik…clock goes on ticking and ticking lub dub ..lub dub lub dub….and heart beating fast ..

“waiter cofee!!…….’mr X shouted to waiter looking at the clock on the front wall in the CCD.

time goes on and on and on and on…………still ticking……no signs of megha.they had never actully seen  each other so with every girl entering the CCD Mr X waved his hand towards the girl with face lightened up and smiling face to impress just any girl..and girl just ignores and walk past him..

time has moved from 12am to 12pm now ….still no signs of megha..and moreover her phone was switched off….

next day Mr .X called ..megha ….megha picked up on first bell……”hey!! jaanu i am extremenly sory for the last day..wo mere uncle agaye the!!”
when people goes out of excuses usually they bring their relatives in between sometimes they declare their death just to give excuse….
“it’s ok shona !! we will meet some other day..” in a very nervous and low tone Mr.X replied.

shona alias megha replied
“aisa kar …tu kal NSP aja and do bring your clothes my mom is out of town .tu 5 6 din mere ghar ruk jaiyo it would be fun”..

feelings,excitement and everything in Mr.X rose way up….his heart started supplying blood two times faster.Mr.X asked what time ??
shona replied “same 12 pm!!!”..

This time again Mr.X arived NSP on time but this time with his backpack..containing clothes for 5 6 days .when he was leaving his home his mum asked …..”where are u leaving !!!”…..Maa,i am going to stay in college hostel for few days ..exams are on so this time ………….
parents are such a loveable gift of nature to us .they never ask us why? wht? ..they just want that we their childrens achieve a good position a status in society…..

coffee bill raised on and on …and also time goes on and on ..and his expectations started…loosing with megha….Mr.X ka bura wala kaat diya gaya tha…….

“..So Love Your Parents…And Give Blessing’s To Mr .X….”

Gala Day!!:’D

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Same college ,same books, and most importantly sitting on same benches from last two years…quite boring …isnt it ??.hmm?

i have friends from IIT,DCE,IP and even some private colleges.NCR(delhi and outer areas),showed a rapid increase in the number of enggineering  colleges recently.

One morning, as i entered my college ..enviroment was as calm as in a graveyard and human species could hardly be spotted anywhere .. little voice in my head..said”something is wrong ….!!”….

i silently crawled through the graveyard(ground) towards our classrooms. As i entered into the classroom …a very cold and weird kind of wind blowed  cross me …that wind whispered to me …………………..“today is our sessional!!!”.

i have hardly seen any of my lecturer from last 1 month and books were like my ancestors. I buried them years ago….

ring …….ring..tring ring tring ring..!!!!…..lecture bell??no it was my cell phone ….

“Rajkamal calling!!!”…flashed on 3 inch screen…

rajkamal studies in IP college .he has his own interests and hobbies,but we share same ancestors!!!books duh!!!!

“hey…raj whats up,??”i asked him sweetly..
“where are you ??…”he asked ….no hi no hello …it is in human nature to question.

It was Newton who questioned ….what makes that apple fall of the tree??…and answer to that question could be a simple one ..but no.!!it was this question that led to the facts of gravitation force this …/that@@@..yukk

“in college ,today is our sessional”….i replied .

“mere college mein aja…!!1″…he asked laughing ….

Well,his idea is not bad ,my mind and heart agreed concurently one after the other…
Entering a college illegaly,was not a big deal.IP houses good crowd and offcourse canteen…..
As i was waiting for raj in their canteen area…a dabang looking guy came to me .He spotted

an outsider..WELL DONE!!!

hey!!…who are you ?? i have never seen u around here ??”..he started questioning as if his father was dean of that college ..
“ok !!!you mind your own bussiness”..i replied aggresively..
“this is our college ..”..he replied in an authorative tone…

“FUCK OFF!!!!!”……i replied and rushed on to stairs and crossing a garden area i entered corridors..where lectures were going on …gates were closed..that dabang was following me…..i banged into one class…
dhadDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD….!!…(sound of gate as it hit the wall…)….old looking profesor with his spec’s on and all his follower sitting on the benches started looking at me…..with curiousty as if i just landed on from MARS!!!!…

 I just entered into any class and  what semseter ? what subject was going …i dont have any clue regarding all this questions. 

professor asked me ..”who are you ??”…
“Sir…new admission!!”i replied …

all the followeers started laughing…WTF!!….whats the big deal in i being a new admission..

“beta !! 8 th sem chal rha h ye!!! “…proffesor replied…with a smile….as i f he was just about to chop my head……

“….i..ii.”..i started out in sharukh khan …style…(stammering)…

“who areeeeeeeeee you, now???”..profffesor shouted loudly …offcourse i am a human being.i thought to myself but actually this time proffesor was questioing that dabang boy who entered the class now following me..i started moving towards the benches to grab a sit where i could be safe for one lecture duh!!! he he…

“sir ye …sir she ….” before that dabang boy could say anything …professor began at him..”Get Lost From Here!!..disturbing elements.@.“.

“yehi khada hoon mein to…” dabang replied .
“College ke gate pe khade ho jao !! paise bhi mil jayenge”…proffesor shouted….and everyone started laughing out loud…

That dabang guy left the corridors with his head down…i managed to escape in the mid of lecture .lot of new experiences about colleges filled my heart…

Jaan Bachi To Lakho Paye Lot Ke Budhu Ghar Ko Aye…!!!!!!

(Characters in this story are fictious any resemblance to any person living or dead is..”..FUCK oFF!!!”..)….

Exam day :'(

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Sitting on in a bench with a pen in my hand and eyes on a question paper i could feel the weight on my head .I was not able to move my head left right ……

In exams we are actually more concerned about “how others are doing!!”…

                             But my head was paralysed.After reading out few questions i came to conclusion that i accidently prepared for some other subject so no doubt that in this exam someone was definately gonna fail badly.

Lady examiner in the room was observing me for quite sometime now…

tash tash…..tash…………she started walking towards me .and stood next to my table as she looked into my paper …
she asked …”kuch nahi ata ??.”…

she was folding her hands quite impressively with a weird smile on her face as she looked at me .

i told her about everything .About how i was not prepare for this exam.
“just try to attempt whatever you know”..she said politely.

“Mam,peeche se dekh lu ..??.?.?.?”i whispered to her ..
“shut up !! ok…chup chap paper karo apna”…she shouted at me .

These teachers behave’s as if they were a hundered marks scorer in their times.when people end up no where .The best option left up fr them is to become a lecturer and then they start behaving as if they are einstein.

Again i went ,through all the questions in my questionpaper.future is unpredictable but i could predict my result for this exam… bigZero !!no doubts.
“mam …!! i am done “…i moved out of my bench and i started moving towards her …..
she instructed me that i was not allowed to leave now  …

“12 baje se pehle ,you are not allowed to leave…”..she replied in an instructive tone .

Usually at bad time’s we dont like such rules and regulations..

 i think to my self…”ager time khrab na hota na to tere 12 baja deti!!!”…

as i was moving towards my bench…someone came from behind me and started pounding punches on my head and back..

  whatever i just whispered in my head….maybe came to her notice.and she started on me …




  ofcourse the fight was one sided and i was loosing control in fight as well as well in my academics…i tried turning my head to look at my competitor …but some force was holding my head tightly.and i put all my efforts to stand against the power that was holding me .

“uthttt uthhhh uthhhh uthhh……”..i opened my eyes gently….and slowly.My little nephew,Aman was sitting next to me doing all the efforts to wake me up..and he succeded..and i was happy everything was a dream..and from today onwards i will be studying hard i decided…….

 “….Bad Times Turned Into A Bad Dream And Fight  Into A Loveable Hug….”

hostel life is fun or ….!!…..people keep on asking this question… …niit…hostel…again next day college …same routine again.If you are asked to eat same sabji everyday definatelty you will end up blowing your head up in walls

10 may 2010.

sun seems not to be in good mood today,up and yellow,red just as the turmeric milk i was served in the morning becausce i had a little accident the last night …giving me a golden excuse of not attending boring lectures….
ha hoooo heyyyyyyyy haaaa……i could hear some crazy hostelier shouting downstairs… several thoughts start filling up my mind…
a terrorist attack or may be a psycho killer…“…i rushed down the stairs sleekly ….kissing my feets on the stairs as sweetly as possible .

“most of the time these hostelier acts in quiet weird manner..they talk about anything and everything ..and gossips about their boyfriend’sss..were some of the hot spot area’s where everyone present their views.  ”

After crossing the border(stairs)….i knew i was in a foreign land …risk was  increasing with every foosteps i took ,towards the main hall….i saw herd of weirdos already caught up the terrorsit red handedly….i anxiously moved from among the weirdos thrashing the crowd and moving towards the EVIL.!!

hooo???…my mouth wide open……..inviting bees for a small sneak peak…i have seen this evil before……
“shweta mam????”….she is our warden…
Happy birthday !!! weirdos shouted all together.
“thankyou ” …she replied…

today was her birthday .she was looking preety in that dark sky blue saree.and her fancy bangles finely carved with rajasthani stones were lookind damn kool. she was quite close to me .especially my parents. my parents and shweta ,despite of differences  regarding their views ,they both share  same area of interest...BINGO!!!!thats me ….whenever people are short of gossips ..they start discussing problamatic side of me,my actions…..

i moved forward  and out of the crowd to welcome her a very happy happy birthday….

“So where’s the party tonight “…i asked her with a very pleasent smile and my eyebrows rising up in synchronisation with my lips..

“kal rat ko tune meri wo mehengi wali choclate chori kar li??.”..she replied…
eyebrows got freezed ..this time eyes full opened..jaw dropped…i just wished her birthday ..and she despite of saying thank you  calculating probabiltity of me being the theif….. well coming back to that choclate …ummm “itni bhi khas nahi thi normal si thi !!“..

                                          Guess!!!  no one told her of the saying “rat gayi baat gayi!!“….

and then weirdos marched in circles shouting slogans of “happy birthday to u !!”…and the taste of choclate and her question was totally overshadowed by the noise.

Awful Morning

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hummm hummm………..i am in a car…but my eyes are not on road suddenly a loud voice grabbed my attention….
that was a familiar voice……tug dug tug dug…what the fuck ??
I am driving a “ horse“??..but i thought i was in a car …weather is quite good and pleasent ..but i couldnot feel the bumps ..
alas this horse is more comfortable than my car … …
Punni…...”..again  that familiar voice but this time loud and clear……

dhadam..dush ………(fell of .) ….
dubbbbbbb dhakkkk dhaddd….my heart was pumping blood as fast as possible…blood pressure in my veins rising quite appreciably..

i was in my bed ….as i opened my eyes in slow motion……i saw a very familiar figure … was quite dark in morning visiblity was worst than my general knowledge is ….!!!..he was my dad..
fir se koi bura sapna dekha ??“….he asked ..smiling ..

i cant beleive i was dreaming …that everything was a dream .

i experinced …an old saying…”sharam se pani pani hona “ and me are not very close .we converse very less unless in parties or at dinner table ..

“dad,what time it is ??”…i asked ….
“10 am!!!”……he replied..
those curtains in my room were thick enough to reduce the visiblility alone ..

i was still confused about “how that car turned into that comfortable horse”… i was putting so much efforts in opening my eyes...more than i used whilst .. studying

“concentrate on your studies,beta.. i hardly see u going to college… “…this time not smiling instead shouting at me showing his intense care towards my career…

my eyes lighted up ..recovering from a 8 hour power failure !!…this time without any efforts..and all those thoughts about car and horse disappeared quickly…i saw my dad…standing at the verge of my room..he was dressed up..i looked up in my cell….yes.!!he was not lying was 10 am ,time at which he leaves for office….

who go to college for studying ??..and also i was saving his petrol..and problems he has to face in the morning at times when i go to college..he should thank me for this instead he is always complaining about all this….human nature is like this only ..”always complaining“….

“dad,kal se jaungi na pakka”…i promised him ….just like promises made by ministers ..and also i knew well that”promises are meant to be broken!!”..

he turned around and left my room…but i can hear him saying.”jo karoge apne liye karoge hamara koi fayeda nahi h isme  “..

my mind was compiling his words… words at a time quite slow indeed!!!…
ERROR FOUND: apne liye

who like studying?? not me offcourse…i was studying becasce they want me to do ..his words were cicualting in my mind like a northern wind blews.
“hey wait !!!!!!…but what happened to that horse??…lets concentrate on him”….my heart questioned my mind that was engaged thinking about those unpleasent words..just said by my counsellor..
this time i could think of nothing but sleep…let’s do somthin “apne liye” …