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$..Versatile Blogger Award..$

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Since these day’s i was bit busy ….so i was not checking my blog tht frequently .It was on 22 April 2012, i casually googled my wordpress account ..and as i opened it…i saw a yellow orange notification on the top right corner..i was excited that one more blogger has commented on my post….
as i clicked upon it..its showed some nabadip( commented as “you are being selcted as a verstile blogger!!”..

first of all i was very excited …let’s see wht’s in that….my name was on fifth position…among some other blogger’s….i was like hurrahhhhhhh!!
then i thought to myself “kash zindagi bhi na blog jaisi hoti ..kuch bhi likho bas koi tension hi nahi!!” …then i told some of my friends those who read my blog sometimes when they are bored of reading some decent things …
one of fellow blogger(Rajat jain) congratulated me..i replied in a very cold way…well that guy Nabadip is a real stuff ..He write some meaningful posts .but since if he thinks ..i was eligible for the award than really its worth celebrating…thanks a lot nabadip..

so i have selected some bloggers…let see here we go….

1. mr nabadip(
(some sensible writing…and really good one..i admire it..)

(i liked that love story…and he write some funny stuff..really amazing).

3. mysterygirl(
(she write some inspiring stuff…)

.4 Namita lad(
(she is so creative…)

5.Terence .S.Jones(
(he is an amazing photographer..)

6.Rajat Jain(
(no words…just hats off this guy…i really admire him..) ..

Thankyou all…..if you like to comment than its ok and these numbering doesnot stands….everyone  is just equal. i used it so that names might not get entangled into one another…

just try saying this dialogue in front of a mirror……u will defiantely look stupid..

“kitni shidat se mene tujhe paane ki chaha ki hai ki har jaare ne tujhse milane ki dash dash ki…”….i cannott recall that dialogue and even i am not in mood to google it so plz search it by yourself …thank you once again nabadeep.!!!!…

ahaa..!! one more thing..
those who are selected they have to save this verstile blogger image and then write on it how they feel about it guys have to select someother blogger’s who you think are eligible for awards…dont forget me please… …kidding…that blogger would be of your choice..

DAMN!! cant we nominate ourselves…plz take it seriously otherwise devil from hell is going to …play bushkashi with you!!!


(This the continued part of my earlier post …MIGHTY BLOW ON AN ALMIGHTY FACE!!)

After going through a slap tournament Ankit(ficious character) was little shocked.Ankit belonged to a wealthy family so most of the time his cheeks remain red…but this time they were dark red…slaps were pasted so tightly on to his face that the skin on his face rubbed into his blood and his face turned red…

Now..just after ranghu did that slap thing…Ankit was in immense shock what just happened ?? .He could not ask anyone why..?? what was his mistake?…actually he thought there was no point asking this becausce this was critical time and to avoid more consequences he decided to keer quiet ….

At about 9 ‘o’ clock they reached the college …now what was going through the mind of Ankit was the fear that more can happen in college so ankit decided not to attend college .Just at the college gate he stepped out of the college bus(he had not paid any Bus fees for last three years..)
and he moved towards Railway station and from there he would be hoarding a train back home….
But wait wait wait!!! What about if he encounters a Ranghu part 2 in train.So the next thing he decided was to find a person for company so that the pain of slaps and long journey could be interesting and make him busy with something.

Ankit call his friend who was studying with him in same college mr stud..Alias Salman khan(fictious).
hello where are you??…i am station and on my way back home…where are you?” asked ankit Ankit
Salman replied…”broda!! i am college ..whats the matter…it’s 9:20 am and college has even not begun ..”
today i just came to college to submit a file and i had it submitted so …” replied Ankit in a a very cool sobour tone..
” bro!! and how come you called me today ??”asked Salman curiously..

Usually ankit is a mean kinda guy and everyone knews this that at bad times he would sell his own dad  …so Salman was also in shock to pamper Mr stud…Ankit threw a bait at him…
bc !! i was thinking that why dont we go to some  DISC today?? what say HMMM??“…asked Ankit
” muderfuker!! now u just tripped my mind so bhad mei gaya college aj Disc chalte h chal” replied Salman in excitement…

both of then hoard train back to noida….to the disc ..but before noida came the station from where ankit’s home was close now his mood lightened up by the thought that he can get home and have some privacy where he can think of today’s incident and cry with sound.. ..

bro aj mein kafi thak gaya ho…chal ghar chalte hai!!“…asked Ankit in a convincing tone..
bc !! pagal h kya …mere ghar wale meri baja denge .time se pehle gaya to“…replied Salman ..

” Chal aisa karte h D3S chalte h”..replied Dua
D3s is shopping preet vihar orignally its name is V3S but since Ankit dua is here in this story we changed it to D3s to give him some more respect…

They both reached D3S and then they decided to do some window shopping …just casually both were talking of somethin and then al of a sudden
something red red….on Ankit face grabbed the eyes of Salman…Actually the impact f slap was so high now u can imagine that even after few hours of the incident …his face was red but Salman unaware of the fact..questioned Ankit ..
bro!! your face is so red …what’s the secret??
Ankit went back in to the flash back …………..GIRL..BUS…RANGHU>>>DHAD DHAD CHATAK CHATAK!!!…burraaaaaa…
the god of answers Ankit ji got out of answers his mind himself got filled with questions..”kya bolu ???…kya jawab du ab??…maa di ankh

i belong to a rich wealthy family..and our wealth shines on our face..this red colour is the proof of my richness..” replied Ankit

bro but it seem;s as if someone  hit a tight hard slap on ur face ..i can spot some finger print here see...”..Salman replied as he was not convinced with Ankit’s reply
Ankit went through his back pack which was of Adidas(named after Ankit)..brand and took out a  a sachet of Lakme facewash ..and said..
i use this facewash…this is the secret why i m so red!!“..replied ankit

to be continued………
next story in next post..!!!

today’s moral:-For Extra Reddish And Glow On Your Face Use Lakme Facewash

Sun shined bright that day ..birds flew in style everything was going his was Monday morning Ankit(fictious character) just after a relaxing sunday holiday was in a very jolly nd good mood ..he arrived at the bus stand where his college bus use to pick him up as on other days though he had not paid any bus fee.

(but today was something special).. pe //pe pe…bus arrived and gave an almighty blow to our prince charming Ankit Dua who was goin to be star in the bus and he was dressed just to impress any girl..

POLO shirt..LEVIS jeans,dolce & gabbana cap,Puma shoes… just like his multiple father’s his choice was also not limited on just one brand…
Ankit entered the bus and grabbed the corner the last second seat on the bus .The reason were two girls who were sitting just one seat ahead just to be in close proximity to them.
Ankit was sitting with college friend sukhshan(another fictious character)
Hi!! whats up..asked sukhsham in a very decent our indecent Ankit dua ..
bas broda..i am cool ..aj sham ko date pe jana h bc ye ladkiya bhi na peeche nahi chorti…replied ankit in an authorative tone

sukhsham just fell into the feets of this playboy(ankit) who was so popular among girls to the best of his senses…yes ,none other then our Ankit dua

then all of a sudddden…one of the girl sitting in front of them turned to look what were they doing !!….dua looked at him and said
sukhsham ji!! line arahi h…!!!!!!!!
sukhsham replied ..“bro,i m ok like this only,i am hanuman ji’s fan,i am bal braham chari..line ap rakho apne paas!!!”
Ankit replied to sukhsham …”tasteless ha ha ha ha!!!” 

the girl had listened to what Ankit has just giggled about…and she started crying feeling ashamed of being the part of their jokes.
no,one noticed at her..she was crying she shared the story with the girl sitting next to her ..that girl just consoled her…and said somthing in her ear..after then both gave an evil smile nd kept quiet…(toofan ke ane ka sanket).

After about 30 minutes…bus stoped and 3 dabang looking guys entered the bus…ranghu manghu and changhu(3 dabangs!!)….
ranghu asked the victim girl ..why she was crying?? …the girl didnot replied..
ranghu asked three times …and the fourth time the girl sitting next to her replied pointing at ankit …..that he did this and this…..

Ankit dua was listening to music in his iphone(chapell step brother of apple) at full volume with earphone of good quality that totally made him unaware of what was going in his surroundings….he saw the girl pointing at him but he couldn’t listen to ..what she was saying….he thought she was pointing to something at the back of the bus..he pulled the earplugs out his ears and looked back and just as he turned his face in front again…….

jhaap!!! …..jhaaap !! jhaap….chatak chatak chatak

three jhaap sounds were of the slaps ranghu pasted on to his face and the rest chatak sound was of the side glass windows against which his head goes into…..

to be continued………….(remaining story in next post!!!)

All character’s in the story are fictious and bears no resemblances to any person living or dead. 

tears..tears tears……all round her face. it was full wid tears as she closed her eyes…drops fell down …..before it touched the ground..she opened her eyes ..but visiblity was very less because light refracted on the water medium in her eyes….and there she turn round and she saw a girl she was crying in the mirror..her face was almost wet now…

she looked up in the sky..”God why i am like this why i am alone?..”…

Nobody answered her question…questions increased as her curiousty to know their answers..

she was a good daughter ,a good friend ,a good citizen why people behave so differently with her..maybe since she didnot  participate in election..

everyday she ask to herself same question”GOD EXISTS??”..but now darkness engulfs everything around her and so her thoughts and questions
she want to enjoy life but she is afriad now..she thought she could judge people very well but she predicted..JUDGING was not easy

three things in life arevery difficult to achieve..


now she started thinking third could be “death..“. getting a life and living a life both are difficult


she wanted to share her thoughts with friends but a little voice in her head is not allowing her…and she decided to continue to her life ..repeating same thing again and again in a routineand tried finding…..the mistake …she was doing  !!

unpredictable thing was future and now the human behaviour it was hard living in a society..

before talking about anything..she checked her words several times just to make sure she was not offending anyone but it was the truth with which she was offending others

lying  would be the Key of success,and corruption would makes a man perfect instead of Honesty and hardworking

To live in this society she needs to become a corrupt,liar, she kept quiet and just followed and listened..