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Measuring Life Aspects…!!

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Human beings?..hmm what is the life span of a person….make loose guesses..yea go on..60 years..!!or 70 years umm may be 90 years..which is also possible in some exceptional cases…
now imagine you are walking down the street..a psycho killer approach you and cut you into pieces or you met with some group of person who considered themselves jehadi and they start welcoming you with .5 mm bullets or a machine gun..or..worst case die of heart attack..? what according to you is the life span now ?…..we can not and we wont be able to predict it ever.

i know two noble people whom we consider when our close ones are in danger..

let’s not consider the imaginary supreme power of category 1.,becausce we cannot challenge that almighty power , for some who dont beleive in god if we dont beleive in him..then lets not challenge him..
Ok so we are left with category numbered 2. i.e  Docter’s .   what if docter turns selfish,what if money become priority to everyone…infact it has become their priority already no need to imagine ..

So both these two noble people are out of the picture already,empty handed we walk with fear in our hearts on the dark streets..who will help us ??
Police??. ha ha ha ha..those who can’t be even punctual can we consider them at critical times…so this category was already ruled our

Everyone only money…nobody care about life of a person..people either die on street’s due to fight’s gang wars,or they are murdered,some die of heartattack,some die of cancer  .

People say now we can cure almost every disease..whether it is cancer or tuberclosis,jaundice yada ..yada … but how we’ll be able to cure selfishness that has infected every mind .Every day several people show sign’s of this incurable disease..

I want to shoot everyone around me .becausce i am afraid they will harm me ..but by doing this i too will fall for this disease..people amaze watching wrestler’s putting up so much weigth on their broad shoulder’s …but i am amazed by the fact a person is walking with so much weight on that small portion that is our mind and still he is able to walk.

people in order to show their love ,emotions …perform different different actions..such as kiss..a sign of love..crying sign of closeness..and parellel lines on forehead area when we are thinking or in tension..we express almost every feeling ..but how we express selfishness and corrupt state of mind ??? ha ha ha ..i dont think there is any expression for this …these things were meant to be abstract..

here i would like to quote something..
zindagi char din beet ye jaye na…wakt ye laut kar fir kabhi aye na“..i dnt knw abt whether it is two day long or four days..but i want to live it smiling  and enjoying it’s every moment ..but he he……we can not always do what we intend to do…so instead of thinking of yourself go and spend time with your family…may be you will never get the chance again!!!!!

“God love those..who Love themselves and their loved one’s”


There was a girl she always looked happy …and everyday when she waked up she looked more happier until one day…everything occured in usual manner..sun rised from the east and sit top at the horizon,day was shinny and bright..but something was bothering her .!! she tried thinking a lot abt tht something but …but somthing was boring abt the day ..she could feel the weight of boredom on her breath’s

chappati’s were looking more tasteless that day,and house appeared like graveyard…she decided..”let’s do somtehing..lets fill some colour’s in everything.!!” ..but how??…..she decided to find some colour’s so that she can fulfil what she was upto…but colour’s were lost somewhere…she looked at the mirror ..her skin was whitish pink…even red colour of the blood was lost…..this was the indication that she was short of relatives…

all of a sudden ..everything turned black….but a glimpse of light gathered her attention.!! she ran towards light but light was fading away …and today ..she came to know about some fundamental physics..the speed of light ….isn’t she shoo away the idea and this reminded her of the greedy fox who was after some grapes …and finally gave up saying grapes were sour..she wanted to be as clever as fox but this idea too shooed away..

she was afraid of she closed her eyes…but tears wont let her do that…eyebrow’s and lips moved in fear…and then the chilling air of darkness  desicatted her tears…silence and fear turned into more silence…and her eyes shutted off.

lub dub..lub dub..lub dub….increased heart beats..and the feeling of loneliness wont let her sleep for so long ..she looked at the clock….with a big pendulum hanging on a yellowish mustard wall….the hands of clock haven’t moved …time stopped for her ..even more silence she could listen to her heartbeat’s more clearly .

Her eyes were searching for some sharp edged thing’s ..she was short of colour’s so she decided to use some red colour ..
tish..sishhh…clocked broke up into pieces and pendulum fall down…she stared at the pieces and pendulum..and edged pendulum grabbed her sight ..she bent down on her knees to take a closer look at the pendulum and then door opened and she saw a very friendly figure…but it was too bright outside so she couldnot see properly..

And then all of a sudden in shock her eyes opened up….dream was interupted …she was agitated from inside ..and sweating filled her face…she looked  outside and the day was bright and shinny…

My weird thought’s……

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29 may2012,my exams were over now ,one positive things about exams is that we are just worried about only completing syllabus or may be just passing in exams just somehow reach the margin.
I hate mtnl,third class service i have to reboot my router numerous times while,i was writing this is just breaking ,my rythm

Sometime’s when i lay down on bed ,it’s very hard for me to sleep..reason is all those sevral thoughts that fill up my mind regarding what more worse can happen in future.
“i  dont know why people these days are getting so selfish,everybody and everyone is concerned about his own self”
after thinking about of it for a bit ,i found myself too behaving the same way like others “self centered.”

why is that when we cry,its very difficult to breathe..although tears come out of eyes and not nose.? and lot’s of such silly question’s hold my attention while i cry instead of the reason for which i cry.I want people to see me when i am crying may be because i want some attention but feeling of embarrasment force me to say..”somthing ..some dust particle got struck into my eye…..”

why we call that supreme power as “GOD” and why this water coming out of our eyes as “TEARS“.why are some people good why some bad .why do we call some people relatives and some neighbour ?.we humans are result of evolution so why we cry when someone dies? why?. This heart is like a large Lithium ion battery and one day it will end up and it is not replacable neither chargable.

when our mind is busy thinking of some critical issues and eyes too busy.The first issue that comes to my mind is “why we study ??” ha ha…yea i knw that was really a bad joke

there was time i beleived saying sorry was very difficult,but i learnt a lot in few years from my surroundings,my relatives even my parents whenever i was expecting somthing from them the answer was always sorry.
Sometime i tried saying my dad..”dad i miss u …!!“.but before i could say anything ,answer was always.”Sorry ! beta i’ll call u later”.Maybe in coming future we all  would welcome our guest’s with …SORRY!!

why these clouds cover this sky and moon on a windy night?..where these black clouds come from ..? why are there so many stars ? .i know scientist have all answers and may be they reply me with something like 3.14*765/56(g)+99679……damn i was never good with number’s but i do know some number’s that are important i was born on 23 july though aimless

i want to apologise to all those who are no more alive anymore because i am not missing them and i will never miss them.

i want to cry but embarrasment wont let me ,i want to wont praise it,i want to talk…words wont come out..DAMN!! i am such a big lier…it’s like somebody put a knife on my throat and want me to cry loud ..and shout yes i miss u all…