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$tay out…

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People generally have a lot of dreams ,they dream of good friends,family,respect and care …and economist say that the basic need is money food and shelter.Hmmm i dont want to beleive on this fact..god please someone please say that people are wrong.

I too had a lot of dreams but dream of getting good friends care from family,and respect in society..and money? money can’t buy you good friends,good moment we can spent with them.But i can not force people to be my friend and at time i m protective that i dont want people to come closer to me ..
but i always dream of a world full of stars ,and dim light would lighten up mood in that world ,and i would be alone there and i would just prefer sitting on a rock and would just gaze at the stars and on that eve…moon would appear bigger and he would sing for me with a cute face..and when i would look at sand in that world it would remind  me of something

my weak point is i dont trust people and worst is that i dont think i trust myself as well ,but please dont leave me i need you….i just want to shout out loud and write this on my wall’s becausce i know one day or other people would leave me .I can feel my heart rate going down it’s like everysecond they are also leaving me ..and with them my breaths are joining them as well.

society is made up of people and we are social when we are in society.have you ever seen a fool who just go for BPO interviews just to avoid her parents?..when i go to malls i see people are with their families and they are enjoying ,giggling roaming …and i sit at some corner and look at them not becausce there is probem with my parents ?…why is that everyone has to have problem with me ?..that means something’s wrong with me..

now i dont want to give anyone any explantions becasce if they dont understand me than that is their problem ..and i say i have a problem solving attitude while giving BPO interviews.yes i am a lier and cheater but think before you leave me becasce lier and cheaters have a red thing pumping that control feelings.try hurting me but for god sake leave feelings away…they dont have anything to do with all this.!!

(Just a random..thought …nothing serious about this..)


miXed th@ught$..

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Last night i was tired so turned off.lights.and i landed onto my bed ….and there was a glass lying there on bed which was also an example of my carelessness….and i hit my back over it….so my back’s paining since last night…

As i was sitting alone and studying…that pain was continously breaking my concentration,i thought to my self about the pain which animals would have to undergo when they are beaten,butchered and suffocated to death…

after about thinking for a while i could not find out any reason why human turned into a flesh eater.population explosion is a major reason for all this but still..humanity is vanishing …and is at it’s verge..

Sometime when we are not feeling well or say we are feeling very low….one positive thought that is keeping us up in the race of life is the thought that atleast we are with our family,but i can not imagine pain of a pet,they are separated form their families and they are caged.
life is not meant to be kept in a cage .
our government is really doing a very great job..they are trying to maintain the relation of india and the the world..that is what we call as GOOD ExternaL AFFAIRS .  wait a second but who is looking after the internal affairs?..may be my G.K is very weak or you can call me socially illiterate..but i dont see healthy relations flourishing all round.

at one side terrorist like kasab ..are getting VVIP treatment’s and on the other side we have  poor condition of our govt school’s .In india where half of the population is forced to defecate in open ….there the ministers got thousands dollar’s toilet in yojana bhavan. and that is what we call as ” flushed with cash”.

my back pain now seems to be vanishing with these thoughts running in my mind…what could be the reason for all this…
According to book’s and newspaper’s main reason’s are
1.Low literacy rate
4.custom’s and tradition

One thing which is missing out in this list is ..laws not properly improvised..and what about law maker’s…now this topic is really turning my mood off …so let’s end this topic.

Goodbye Non-vegetarians
prakshi_astral   ……

KIte FLying?..EaSy :)

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it was 15 august,wednesday..i went to my cousin home actually all our relatives gathered there you can call it as a little india everyone on 15 august fly kites it is our indepedence day flying kites is a sign of our freedom….but i don’t know to fly kite ….:( dont worry that doesnt means i m a slave ..

But before leaving for their home i decided today i m going to fly a kite ,my mind rephrased a string..”impossible is the word not found in dictionary“…

spash spash spash……i opened up my dictionary a,b,c,……….i…all i letter pages coming up now.
goddddddddd……i found a page with impossible written on it in BOLD LETTERS….

i tore off that page and hide of it in someplace …i am not gonna tell you guys..SECRET

it was 12.00 am ,we left our home for guragaon it took approx 30 minutes from vasant kunj to gurgaon,.
as just we were 5 minutes away from their home,i started dreaming that as our car would turned towards their street,people would come out of their houses with their gates wide open, as if lord rama returning from ayodhya..but nothing happened like that….

gurgaon is like a crowd,sparse market,and no kites???…oh my god where are the kites?..lord rama would never come to this place ever.infact he was at my place he would be cursing the place……

DAd!!!!!! where are the kites??….these people dont have any souls or what?? they were to be flying kites..i shouted
“these days people dont have craze for these things ..and the biggest example is our society beta..and behave yourself”.. . he replied

at the very next moment we were sitting among other relatives ..they are so boring that i would prefer watching dexter laboratry instead!! yukk

After about 1 hour ,i murmured in an extra sweetened tone my elder cousin brother ..”you know how to fly kite?“.
yes i do,but now we are grownup,and  these things suits only on kids!!”..he replied

tishh tish heart broken into pieces…what can i do now ?…

Dad says ..people those who work in MNC’s are loosers they dont indulge themselves into outdoor activity..“..i replied
is kite flying ? an outdoor activity?“..i asked him as if i was just born and was unaware of the fact that kites are actually flied outside home and not in..
this question put my cousin brother into some thinking..” may be he was unaware of the fact that kite flying is an outdoor activity“.

meanwhile dad interupted..”what you guys ..talking about hmm?“..
nothing dad..i was just telling him what you said to me in car ….remember?“..
oh ok…yeah actually that is an undenied fact…and see i was right na..?
dad you are always right..!!…“i replied with an evil smile…:).

The boring session ended at 6 pm ,and i swear i am never going to any relative house again especially on indepedence day…and MNC people are boring huh and dumb also……

eagerly waiting for next 15 august to fly a kite …


staring .
prakshi (day dreamer)
prakshi’s dad(driver of the car)

thanks to  LORD   RAMA  for guest appearance

GoodBye && GetLost

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Argue ,Fight ,more argue and some more fight..that is what makes up an ideal family…do we really want peace? so why out parents are fighting now dont say that NO!! your parents dont fight..ok i agree hmmm..

but apart from fighting with each other ,they … actually, in their fights they take revenge from me …by hiding away things from me ..biscuit jar in bed,mixture jar in washing machine,and dirty clothes in dryer..sory they are meant for dryer only my mistake.!!

sometime when they use to fight ,dad use to switch on the A.C den there starts an O.n/OFF fight..meanwhile i enjoyed their fight with bowl of popcorn…….
dashhhhhhhhhh…oops mom just throwed that bowl out of the window..:(

i think there was a serious need for discipline in my home..but the law breakers left the court and judge still writing the blog.!

I miss you mom dad,i m fed up using the same old bowl and tv remote for so many days ,nobody hide mixture jars in washing machine now..where are you guys…i want to call you and tell you that i love you but i dont have that courage .Daddy I want to hug you but that moment would be very embarrasing for me not becausce you stink and your beard pricks but becausce this large distance between us has created a great gap and only silence and tears fill that gap .

please come back mom for just once,i want to confess something .i wanna confess that it was me who ate your expensive choclates and your digestive sweet pills,

only parents are the only creature in this whole world who will love us ..without any reason,they care for us ,spend on us, and fight for us…hmmm i agree they are really selfish at time we ask for our pocket money grrr,but still they care for us..hmm  i knw they hide things away from us but still they are the lovable creature …

i wish my mom and dad never read this blog ..never,ever in their life..otherwise that day they come to know about the fact that i miss them so much and love them so much…would be the embarrasing day of my life……


i hate u mom dad,i wish u never come back,i hate u i hate u!!…………………………………………….GOODBYE,

your’s and only your’s

^_^ ..OUT / OF\ TRACK

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uv-wx-yz  at ab:cd:ef ….confused? first one is the date of wx month and yz year and latter is the time ab hour cd minutes and ef seconds..

hmmm?so what are you thinking right now …you think i am immature hm?? ok let it be…atleast i am not a politician..he he in india politician are always taken as an evil person.So nwo u will be knowing that the villain opf the story is our minister’s and oh my god we forgot about our hero..

but who is our hero?..umm salman khan..??squeeze me ..let be real now…hmm..
i opened up my balcony door and went on to search for hero of our story in my balcony……..yes night it is..!!
cold wind blowing…full moon peeping out of clouds ..mosam is really awesome..actually i m creating all this to maintain the flow of the story pleae lets dont get out of track now….so lets focus on that hero part …

zuuu buuu buuu.. gosh a bee…she was wearing a cap on her head….goodness….i ran in to my room and brought with me a magnifing glass just to read out the letters on her cap..and to my great surprise it read out as “I AM ANNA“….

even a bee??hmmm so our hero is anna ?…what exactly is he upto…?
this person want something out of something …but i knw one fact that he is foghting for our rights ..but i am very sorry i dnt knw them..

boring..hmm…once i was travelling by metro and the anna supporters were .publiscing their event in Delhi metro….and since i dnt have any clue about who anna is ?? i thought they are from charity and i thought to myself …”what re !! now they started these things in metro as well..!!”..
headphones covered my ears ,that even air could not pass through my ear….one person wearing a cap..with “i am anna” written on it..came to me and showed me some paper…actually he was asking me to join their campaign and support anna in his campaign against corruption..i thought he was asking me for some money for his charity…

“zara sa zara sa ..lagey tu khafa sa sa zara sa ……”…the song filled my ear drums and occupied it quiet well that i wasn’t intersted in that person …so i made some hand gesture ….and said to him..sory i dnt have change …
people around me …and his fellow mates started giving me a look..

what have i done ?? i resemble kasab?? or some terrorist??“..why are they giving me such look..i removed my earplugs ….and took a deep breath and look at the paper in that guy hand ..”India Against Corruption“..gosh..

hmmm……that means i am socially unaware as well as inactive but i thot i was a social person…omg facebook sucks……..

ok what i was writing ?? confused too ..dont puke at your screens ..i know this was really bad hmm…that is what we call as “OUT OF TRACK.