Muslims and hindu’s..THE.controversial tOpic and POLITICS

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

muslims and hindu’s ok give two difference between them.
ok..let us review the wild guesses..
1.they are muslims
2.they are muslims

i dont think that beside these there are any differences among them.they are not different and from centuries ,these hindu ,sikh muslims and chritians been living together and sharing bonds and fighting together for our country.

so where does this root of religion came in between?several questions..and one answer to all the queries
Answer is kinda simple and everyone ,you me all know it but we actually dont want to change things we have the tendency to let things go as they are going .
people whom we choose as our representative for our external affiars ,whom we choose to mantain law and order state of govt.they themselves are doing all this…and that is our minister’s ..

we indians were able to root out the britishers but britishers left some of their instances in our society,such as that old iron bridge of old delhi..the best example i can cite and many other things and like that they left behind some flithy saying’s too.such as “Divide and Rule” .India was celebrating  its indepedence and some minds were plannning to once again rule over people using same technique that britishers used ,at that time they exploited our religions they seprated the wings away from the golden bird and she was there lying helpless and wings seperated apart in pakistan .

right now i dont have any more thoughts other than the strange feeling that why?? why??….i can understand the fact that god is one ,and religion is nothing but one’s way of greeting god,why people can’t understand it ..may be this the reason why i think education play a very vital role teaching the society,but education too emerged as an industry of making money and people are earnig well from it ,

what were some moral rules  i learnt..
Soldier die for country,
minister live for peace ,
police for safety,
policies for honsety,and teachers to the benefit of society..

now soldiers die in country..,ministers live for there piece.(money),police for their own well good and policies are made by corrupts and teachers for their own benefits to earn and to survive

i am convinced and i beleive that each person believe and worship tht supreme power in their own style ..!!.

One more issue i noticed when some foreigner speaks something wrong about india…that feeling of love towards country started showing it colours but when we are back in our conutries we start fighting amongst each other …

i strongly condemned the quote “charity begins at home” some aspects it meant wrong to me ….till now i was following this thing ,charity is meant to be with society,your family and with motherland lets do something good everyday…and respect every religion!!

Nice Speech Good Bye..

  1. Prashant says:

    Religion is sensitive – agreed. But what makes it bizarre and confusing? Well, it’s when we see religion as a mere tool to create some situation that would suit just a few insane minds.

    It’s a very serious topic you’ve handled so maturely. Well done.

  2. Ankit Chauhan says:


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