To be Continued….!

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dont know where to start…
and i dont know when time started ticking and still is,day sets in and sets out i want to stop this moment .
after noon the lights from houses start getting brighter and brighter,and ultimately there is one point when the light from moon seems dull in front of them,but these lights are either from neighbour’s or from street lights,it is always dark for me i love living in dark.

there are there phases of my life
PAST..when i was running away from my friends
PAST PRESENT..when i was running behind friends
PRESENT..when i am left alone

even a casual comment by a passerby seems offending,irritating is the fact that they are happy among themselves.
i am not a admirer but i use to admire the brightness of stars in a dark dull night,they are far away from me but they are my good friends they are my friends in loneliness,i share with them how i feel about my life and others.

i close my eyes and i see myself laughing and everything is covered with a thick white fog,and then my head starts paining,i want to see what is on the other side of that fog or i was laughing at myself? it is just the demand of situation mind show us what we want to do..and i just need a good time

continued….thoughts drained off!!..will continue later..


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