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The Little Criminal.

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

tich..tich…tu tu tu…..tishhh…fingers on remote button and with the channels changing on the screen,
On every channel, what irritated me the most was they were showing tv serials related to the crime.

crime patrol,cid,khaternak,mujrim,shaitaan ..what the hell is this where is that creativity gone?or is it that crime is in trend these days
but litreally speaking CID is the most irriatating serial,more then that girl ,who sits beside me in the class ,if for once murder was made legal i would have killed her ..super irritaing and cheater ki bachi,ok leave her here she is not that important that we talk about her,pile of shit huh..

ok so ,what amazed me today is the fact that crime is in trend ,they are showing serials on crime ,politicians are doing crime ,police officers are doing , ok i agree i was the one who ate my warden’s hide n seek,so i am also a little criminal,but the biggest criminal according to me are ? we t people ,i dnt know if i have the right to say this or not,

As i always said , we want heroes,like gandhi ji,bhagat singh,we talk of , that someone need to stand up against these things now..!!. why someone ?
why dont we ourself do something,

i want to stand up,i want to do something,but stand up where? ..if i’ll shout telling people ..comon..guys it’s the time to do something ,they will take me as an idiot ..yes and i wont get support ..yes this is the thought each one of us get when we think of doing such things i also get the same thoughts.

Some time i think we are like remote controls with batteries inserted and one day we have to die just like a cell goes off,why are we fighting and even why we are studying…well this goes for maths..i hate maths and offcourse einstein who did considerable work in maths,
oh my god see me IQ you can easily guess how good i am in studies..i seriously think there should be no schools and colleges but other time ,
most of the time i am glad that i am in college when i am among my relatives coz it’s giving me an opportunity that i can say to dem ..GAVAAR sale,it gives me a feeling wow i am so lucky…

See again i am out of trackkwe were talking about crime and where we are…off course i am not a good writer,but i guess kishore kumar would be proud of me if he was here proud of the fact that i am born in india,well kishore kumar was a writer? …ummmm no i guess he was a photographer..ok but why are we discussing him,he is not a criminal, oh my god i think it’s the time to sleep we’ll continue on this crime thing some other day definately…